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Time is Gold

When youíre using auto transport services, there are costs associated with time. In an industry that values timetables and schedules, itís not surprising that time is such a big thing when youíre dealing with an automobile transport service provider.

On your part, you could cut down on the cost of auto transport by scheduling a pickup as early as possible. When I mean early, I mean truly early, as in more-than-two-weeks-before early. Aside from giving you priority in terms of schedule because you set an appointment first, this will help you avoid the extra cost entailed by a short-notice type of pickup. Booking the transport service early also gives you time to discuss the options that are available for sending your car to its destination.

The waiting time can also be counted as a cost. Nearly every company in the auto transport industry gives its schedule as an estimate and not as an exact statement. There is an industry average for shipping time, though, which is currently at seven days. Add in the waiting time for processing at both the place of origin and destination and youíre looking at a total maximum wait of around two weeks.

There are many factors involved in how much you will have to ultimately pay for auto transport services. Whatever the cost may be, it is always a good plan to anticipate it so you can take steps to minimize it.

The Real Cost

Itís expected Ė auto transport is expensive. After all, youíre asking your auto transport carrier to move several tons of automobile worth thousands of dollars across hundreds of miles. Definitely, such a service wonít come cheap. If you canít do anything to lower the price (as the case most probably is), you can do the next best thing: prepare for it.

Get Some Money Rolling

There are many factors that can affect how much youíll have to pay in order to have your car or vehicle shipped somewhere else. The first and the most obvious one is distance. Youíre going to have to pay considerably more if youíre going to send your vehicle, say, from one end of the country to another than if you were sending it to a location only five cities away.

One other factor that affects the cost of car transport is the make and model of your vehicle. Youíll most probably have to pay more in insurance and fees if youíre going to ship a newer car or a specialty vehicle; such a car is bound to be more valuable.

Size is another physical consideration. A bigger car will cost you more because it could take up more than one slot in the carrier vehicle. You could get charged as much as twice the regular rate for sedans if youíre going to ship a large car or one with non-typical dimensions.

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