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Self-Service Moving

Most people who need to move from one place to another for reasons personal or professional know that there are only two ways of doing so a professional moving company or a moving truck rental. However, there is another revolution called self-service moving and which has also become more fashionable these days.

Self-service moving is designed in a very simple and easy manner, especially when it comes to implementation of the service. The mover or you need to pack the belongings and engage a truck which will be driven by a self-service moving company. This is a very flexible option for many movers, since they can take care of packing in their own flexible time and can apply proper care while packing.

While, many a detail is not required to book a truck, self-service moving is really a painless service and involves minimal details. Most self-service moving companies can be booked in advance up to one month leaving you ample time to pack. Since most self-moving service companies operate on container basis, you will be charged for container space and not for the whole truck, thus saving on costs.

Like any other service, self-service moving has its own pros and cons:


1. Unlike professional moving, self service moving does not involve the variable labor cost.

2. Additional license and insurance are saved in addition to the complete rental of a moving truck.


1. Packing needs to done by oneself, so time and labor need to be given.

2. The schedules may not be convenient since the self-moving service company moves the trucks at its own schedules and not at yours.

How to get the best self-service moving deal?

While looking for a self-service moving company, it is important to do some research and get a few quotations. Relevant questions pertaining to your household items need to be answered. Compare costs and goodwill of the company before deciding.

While the self-service moving option is a better and flexible alternative and has also become more fashionable, be ready to pack your own home and enjoy the move. 2013            Movers | Moving Companies | International Moving Companies